Thermoware dry-moulding technology

Thermoware’s dry-moulding technology has been helping customers stay competitive for over forty years. The heart of our technology is the smart mould design. Each mould system is designed and built for a customer-specific product. With the right process settings, our machinery gives you products with better foam quality at a lower cost. A traditional wet moulding process is limited when it comes to thin-walled parts. Our Dry Moulding system brings the ability to produce those delicate thin-walled parts one step closer. It allows you to achieve wall thicknesses down to 2 mm and maintain excellent particle fusion.

Cost efficient production

Dry moulding, as the name suggests, keeps steam consumption to a minimum. This leads to lower energy costs and allows you to cut out the heated drying process. So, by using Thermoware dry moulding technology you can increase overall productivity. Our moulding systems are suitable for all types of foam and polymers. Depending on the material and geometry of the parts, our machinery is specified to provide the optimal processing window.

Production process when using EPS

Thermoware machines cover all aspects of EPS, or other sorts of foam production, starting with pre-expansion of virgin material to acquire the required density. After the pre-expansion process has been completed, the material is stored in silos. When this material has aged for some hours, it is ready to be used in the moulding machines. Using specific moulds, steam, cooling water, compressed air and electrical power the material is shaped into the desired form of the end product.

Production Proces EPS

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