In order to improve productivity and reduce labour costs, producers often use stacking (and counting) functionality combined with manual sleeving and packing. Thermoware’s stackers/counters combine state-of-the-art electronics with maximum precision and an outstanding reliability.

Moreover Thermoware stackers/counters can be integrated perfectly with our pre-expansion and moulding machines as well as with Thermoware testing equipment.


This smart stacker suits seamlessly with the existing Thermoware production line. After the leak test, the next logical step is to count and stack the cups. The customer may modify the number of cups per stack, which are automatically collected on a table for further manual sleeving and put in a box, or can be transported to a Thermoware labelling machine.


THW 120 – 130

The Thermoware unscrambler orders the produced particle foam cups, which is a necessary step within an automated production process. This plug and play device is linked to the Thermoware conveyor belt, allowing it to communicate with the other production machines. This guarantees a trouble-free operating at high speed, and prevents stagnation or downtime within the total production process. Its own detection system immediately detects any blockages. The anti-static blower system and dedicated low energy and low noise ventury system transports the cups to the next phase. Our Cup unscrambler is available for regular and large cups.


THW 4220

Depending on the product model, this take-out unit and stacker may replace unscramblers and stackers, and save you manual labour as well. The stacking guide surface of stainless steel and the anodized aluminium take-out device guarantee a smooth operation.

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