Helping our customers to improve the value of their businesses is our focal point and center of our activities. With direct contact and clear communication, we provide our customer a secure, competent, punctual and cost-effective project execution.

Our customers highly value our service. Apart from the innovative aspect of our machines, this is what distinguishes us most from other companies, according to them. To us, this comes quite natural, as we are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

  • Consultancy: our consultants are more than happy to advise you about the best solution for your company. As energy is a major cost driver in the production of thin walled foam products, we will supply you with an energy consumption calculation (being part of a total cost price calculation). And depending on the layout of your site we will advise you on the most economic set-up of all Thermoware equipment
  • Installation preparation: depending on the layout of your site and the presence of specific engineering solutions, we will work out a clear briefing for your local installation company. This briefing enables them to put all necessary technical equipment in the right place in the right way. From boiler to piping and from power supplies to the cooling water unit.
  • Commissioning: when the machines have been shipped to your location, one of our service engineers will install all machines and see to it that everything functions well.
  • Training: depending on the knowledge and experience of your employees we will train your team. And of course you’ll receive a user manual.
  • Customer service: our customer care team is always ready to assist you on any question.
  • After sales service: our service engineers are always stand-by to assist in case you run into operational issues.
  • Spare parts: when you need a spare part, whether it’s a complete mould or a spare part for one of your machines or moulds, you can rely on Thermoware as well. We ship spare parts to all places in the world.

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