Cup leak tester

It goes without saying that your customers demand a 100% non-leakable cup. Our high speed leak testers have been designed to test all kind of foam cups and comply with the quick leak test method.

THW 125 – 165

Customers expect a reliable, non-leaking quality cup. For this reason, the testing for leakage and porosity is an important step in the particle foam cup production process. The high accurate Thermoware Cup leak tester matches perfectly the capacity of the production line. The leak tester comes with its own vacuum system, in which the maximum allowable porosity can be set to customer specification. The speed is continuously adapted to the supply of the cups, where it checks the full cup, including the rim and is available for 16 oz. cups (THW 125) and 44 oz cups (THW 165).

Our leak tester can be equipped with a safety enclosure that complies with regulations, without obstructing the view of the process.


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