Optimize Your Manufacturing with Continuous Pre-Expansion of Particle Foams


Pre-expansion of particle foams, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP), and expanded polyethylene (EPE), is a crucial step in the manufacturing process.


This step involves expanding the raw polymer beads before molding them into the final product shapes.


Continuous pre-expansion of particle foams is a manufacturing process where the expansion of foam particles occurs continuously, rather than in batch processes.


This continuous method offers several advantages, including:

  • Higher production throughput
  • Consistent foam quality
  • Greater control over the foam properties

In this process, raw foam particles, typically composed of materials like polystyrene or polypropylene, are continuously fed into a pre-expansion machine.


Inside the pre-expansion machine, the particles are subjected to heat and pressure, causing them to expand.


The expansion is controlled carefully to achieve the desired foam density, cell
structure, and other properties.


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