Why Choose for labeling of plastic cups?


Integrating a plastic cup with a paper label is often used for food and beverage packaging due to their combination of durability and environmental benefits.


By integrating these materials and processes, these cups offer a functional, eco-friendly, and visually appealing packaging solution for the food and beverage industry.



  • Insulation: The paper layer provides additional insulation, making the cups comfortable to hold with hot or cold beverages.
  • Branding: The paper layer offers a high-quality printing surface for branding and marketing messages.
  • Eco-friendliness: K3 cups are often more environmentally friendly compared to fully plastic or fully paper cups, as they use less plastic and the paper layer can be sourced from renewable resources.


  1. The paper labels are pre-cut to match the dimensions of the cup.
  2.  An adhesive layer is applied to either the paper label or the PP cup
  3. The paper label is wrapped around the PP cup.
  4. The adhesive is activated (often through heat or pressure) to create a strong bond between the paper and the plastic.


The labeling machine applies and bonds the paper labels to the formed PP cups. This machine needs to handle the cups carefully to avoid damage and ensure proper adhesion.


Thermoware offers superior insulation and eco-friendly advantages, making it an ideal choice for sustainable and efficient packaging solutions.


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