Innovative, Cost-Efficient Moulds by Thermoware

The continuous demand for cost reduction and consumption, improving quality and optimizing the production process drives us to constantly invest in research and development. Thermoware moulds are at the core of the dry moulding process. Our dry moulding technology ensures optimal process continuity, lowest cycle times and energy costs, as well as a highest quality of the end product.


Over the last 40 years Thermoware has been manufacturing its in-house design and production of high quality customer specific tooling. Together with our customers we have managed to develop a dry moulding setup for optimal production output. Our moulds have a long lifespan and easy maintenance. Thermoware moulds are double-walled, which is typical for the dry moulding process. Our cook process is highly reliable, requires only little maintenance and is easy


accessible for operators. The compact in-house design makes use of back-blowing air to avoid blocking by raw material. The moulds are also designed for an extremely fast heat transfer. This saves energy and shortens cycle times. Furthermore, they have been designed with the highest quality materials and components. This guarantees more uptime and a good final quality of the end product. It also causes the moulds to have a longer economic lifespan, again reducing the costs per end product.


Thermoware specialises in the production of moulds, which can be used to produce thin walled products of EPS, EPP, co-polymers as well as several sorts of biofoams. Our moulds offer options for engraving, thin wall cups, non-round cups, trays, and any other shape our client is asking for

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