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Our vision and mission

Leading producer

Thermoware Particle Foam Machinery was founded in 1981. Since then Thermoware has grown, year over year, to become world’s leading producer of complete production lines for thin walled foam products. Smart innovation, durability of machinery and moulds, as well as excellent customer service, have proven to be key factors to become successful in this industry.

Dedicated professional staff

Our core business is engineering, manufacturing, assembling and testing of state-of-the-art machines to produce thin walled foam packaging solutions. That’s what we are good at. Probably Thermoware’s most important asset is our team of 30 dedicated professionals in all disciplines; engineering, construction, consulting, training and customer service.

Our office as well as our production and testing facilities are located in Barneveld (the Netherlands). Moulds as well as all key components are produced in-house.

Focus on innovation

Thermoware has a reputation for being very innovative. This is why we have strategic alliances with research and developing institutes, as well as with other knowledge partners. Our engineers apply cutting-edge technology to develop state-of-the-art equipment for the production of thin walled foam packaging solutions.

Our focus is to realise maximum return on investment for our customers. Producers of thin walled foam products in more than fifty countries, in all continents, use Thermoware equipment. This makes us proud.

Thermoware is a member of EUMEPS and Stybenex.


Consumers are in favour of bio-degradable EPS products 

It goes without saying that awareness of the environment has never been as widespread as today. As a disposable professional you know that the production of foam costs less energy, creates less solid waste, and uses less water compared to that of paper for foodservice or any other alternative for that matter. But are you also aware of the fact that EPS itself also offers more environmentally friendly alternatives nowadays?

Strategic alliances

As we believe it is our responsibility to offer our customers production equipment for alternatives for EPS and other fossil-based foams as well, we heavily invest in partnerships with suppliers of materials that are from bio-origin and/or biodegradable. Two of such leading companies are Hua Jeng from Taiwan and StyroChem from Canada. Both companies offer cup grade EPS, which thanks to a special additive, biodegrades in time. The part, which biodegrades even amounts up to 92% over 4 years.

Feel better

All Thermoware’s production lines are well suited to produce biodegradable cups, lids and trays. Some consumer groups will feel better when they consume their coffee, tea or other on-the-go food and beverage products in biodegradable disposables. Do you want to know more about these biodegradable alternatives? We are in close contact with the producers of these materials, and are more than happy to get you in touch with them.

Innovation: 100% biofoam cup with PLA-inlay

Lots of effort is being put in the development of both biobased and biodegradable foams, as an alternative for regular or even biodegradable EPS. Applications can already be seen in protective packaging (like whitegoods) and some food packaging (like ice cream containers).

However, in the cup segment such an environmentally friendly alternative is not available yet. The major reason for that is that biofoam particles are much larger and less uniform than their conventional EPS-equivalents. Producing leakproof cups out of just biofoams is just not yet possible.

Water resistant biofoam cups

Nevertheless Thermoware is making serious progress when it comes to developing  insulating and water resistant cups that are fully biobased and degradable. Our concept consists of a 100% biofoam cup combined with a polylactic acid (PLA) inlay from renewable resources. As our proof of concept is very promising, we are now preparing the introduction of a special production line, which fully complies with the production of 100% biofoam cups with a PLA inlay.

Compost biofoam cups in canteens

Imagine the opportunities of this innovation. In future it will be possible to fully compost biofoam cups in a simple hot bin in just three weeks. This means that for instance schools, canteens or sport clubs can convert their entire canteen waste stream to only using bioplastics.

Do you want to know more about this project? Please let us know. We will be glad to inform you.

New business strategy: from EPS cup machinery supplier to developer and manufacturer of dry moulding technology

In a business where dry moulding offers a lot of advantages compared to traditional wet moulding for the manufacturing of smaller foam products, Thermoware recently updated its business strategy. In future we will be presenting ourselves more and more as a developer and manufacturer of dry or thin-wall moulding technology for applications also outside the food and beverage industry,.

All EPS or other foam products with wall thicknesses up to 1,5 cm can be manufactured more economically and with higher product quality than with traditional wet moulding technology.

We are planning on penetrating other packaging market segments such as medical, industrial, smaller white good appliances, horticulture and cold chain: fresh food, pharmaceutical, (biologic) drugs, vaccines, ingredients, laboratory and chemical. Next to this we are investigating opportunities to make use of other types of particles.

So if your company is interested in our dry moulding technology for other applications than cups and other disposables, we kindly request you to contact us. We are looking forward to working out a co-operation, which is mutually beneficial.

Meet us in 2019

We highly value the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices. Moreover we think it is vital to meet people in the business in person. For that reason Thermoware is in favour of exhibiting at leading trade shows.

In 2019 we will not only present ourselves as an EPS cup machinery supplier, but in line with our new business strategy we will also position ourselves as a developer and manufacturer of dry or thin-wall moulding technology.

We are glad to inform you that in 2019 Thermoware will be exhibiting at:

Foam Expo, North America’s leading exhibition and conference for the technical foam manufacturing supply chain. Michigan (USA), March 26-28

Chinaplas, the 33rd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries. Guangzhou (China), May 21-24

Foam Expo Europe, Europe’s dedicated trade fair and conference for the technical foam manufacturing supply chain. Stuttgart, September 10-12

K-Messe, the World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber. Düsseldorf (Germany), October 16-23

We will not exhibit at Araplast in Dubai (January 5-8) next year, but our sales will be present as visitor in person of Jacob Lof, so a good apportunity to meet you in person. To set-up a meeting please contact him via e-mail at jacob@thermoware.com or by phone +31 644912290.

Don’t you want to wait that long to meet us in person? Please let us know how we can assist or support you. Our team is eager to help you.

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