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About Thermoware

Setting the standard in thin-walled moulding

When it comes to complete production lines for thin-walled and detailed foam parts, Thermoware Particle Foam Machinery sets the standard. Since our founding in 1981 our focus has been on dry moulding technology. Continuous innovation, our drive to deliver high quality machinery and our reliable customer service, made us the preferred supplier for many particle foam moulders worldwide.

Personal and committed

Thermoware’s entire team is committed to deliver quality. Through personal customer contact and strong teamwork Thermoware manages to deliver effective solutions for each customer. To excel in the development and manufacturing of premium class machinery Thermoware’s entire organisation is gathered under one roof in our factory in The Netherlands. Moulds and key components are designed and produced in-house to guarantee quality and continuity.

Dry moulding gets our customers ahead

Using Thermoware technology helps you to stay competitive. Our dry moulding technology enables our customers to produce complex small foam parts with minimum energy consumption and short cycle times.

We keep our machinery cutting-edge by working together with research institutes and associations in the industry. Any raw material can be processed with our dry moulding systems, such as EPS and EPP – but also ETPU, polymer blends and biobased particle foams.

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Thermoware Particle Foam Machinery B.V.

Voltastraat 17
3771 RX Barneveld
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 342 490 899
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E-mail: info@thermoware.com

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