With our continuous pre-expansion, polystyrene is performed with a continuous cycle in the first expansion. This is of great importance as the starting point for optimal manufacturing of foamed products. In the end the density of the raw material is decisive for the weight of any product you produce. For example: it is possible to produce a 200 ml drinking cup with a weight of 2 grams, while a weight of 1,5 grams is an option as well, using the same machine and moulds. We offer a wide range of pre-expanders with varying capacities.

The automatic processing cycle begins with the inlet of raw material into the expansion chamber through the dosing hopper.

The expanded material, coming out from the expansion chamber, will be discharged by gravity into the fluidized bed and dried by means of hot air blowing. From here the material will be conveyed to the storage silos. Machine control is made by a main electro-mechanical and digital panel.

A precise measuring and adjustable steam/air flow device in combination with a rockwool insulation cover of the expansion chamber assures a very cost effective use from the perspective of energy consumption.


This continuous pre-expansion combination with a capacity of 40 kg/hr is a good starting point for optimal production of foam packaging products. The THW VAFB40 is an highly effective all-in-one combination of expanding, drying and sieving, developed for start-ups and smaller production facilities.



This continuous pre-expansion machine, stands out when it comes to smart engineering. As EPS is treated by a sophisticated steam unit, this smart machine enables you to improve your productivity. Using the pre-expander, in combination with fluidized bed and sieve, guarantees that the EPS granules are in perfect shape and size for the production of thin walled packaging products, like for instance cups and trays. The twin deck sieve positioned with the intermediate silo functions as the last barrier to start producing thin walled EPS with a consistent quality. The capacity of this pre-expander is 80 kg/hr.



Consistent quality of EPS granules is key when it comes to producing premium cups and other thin walled foam products. This combination with a capacity of 150 kg/hr includes a dedicated steam heating unit and is directly coupled to the pre-expander chamber. Therefore the VAFB150 guarantees optimal pre-expansion of EPS granules. Besides that the VAFB150 supplies you with large quantities of pre-expanded EPS granules, enabling a solid and massive production.



This combination with a capacity of 300 kg/hr is the perfect start for thin walled foam mass production. Just like the other highly reliable pre-expanders in the Thermoware EPS machinery range, this combination has an integrated expansion chamber. The VAFB300 combines an impressive capacity with maximum quality and optimal size EPS grains. The use of the pre-expander in combination with the fluidized bed and twin deck sieve, enables you to produce thin walled packaging products from premium EPS granules in the best possible condition.


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