Dry Moulding technology for thin wall foam applications

The number of thin-walled dry-moulding applications is endless. Designing small foam products as a thin walled part is smart in several ways.  Saving material weight is just one of many advantages. If the geometry is suitable for Thermoware’s dry moulding technology our technology brings down cycle time, energy consumption and machine costs.

Thermoware offers machinery for all types of foam polymers. Whether you process EPS, EPP, copolymers, ETPU or various types of biobased foams – with our machinery you are equipped to serve your market.

As Thermoware equipment brings you superior particle fusion and the capability to mould thin-walled geometries our technology is used to serve many industries. Our excellent foam parts are found for food packaging examples where temperature and hygiene is crucial. Think of food trays, cups and thermo boxes. But also packaging for transport of vulnerable medical products such as blood tubes. Our technology also found its way into the industry of agriculture, in order to produce, for example, seed trays.

Dry moulding is an excellent option for processing EPP. It brings thin-walled parts within reach that can compete with thermo-formed or injection-moulded products.

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