Our moulding machines have been engineered to produce all kind of foam packaging products with a wall thickness varying from a minimum of 1 up to at least 10 mm.

Thermoware moulding machines are universal,

which means that you can produce any type of foam product on one machine, just by using different moulds. Which machine fits best with your business, depends on different factors, like desired capacity and flexibility.


This machine, also known as ‘Energy saver’, has been designed specifically for high performance production of EPS packaging products at a minimum of energy consumption. Amongst other things, this machine stands out by its innovative mould design. The 6 cup moulds have been engineered to realise an unprecedented efficiency in heat transfer. The VAF2206 ES is equipped with an innovative mould bar locking system, resulting in minimum air consumption and minimum energy costs. Although the VAF2206 ES has been engineered to be a light weight champion, it still outperforms machines of other manufacturers with regard to reliability and durability. Its rigid and robust construction is responsible for that quality. All in all this machine is ideal for high speed production of small and midsize packaging products.


THW 3510 D

Thanks to its broad base and the opportunity to hold up to 10 moulds, this machine is very well suited to produce various models of foam packaging products in one run. This is exactly why we nicknamed the THW 3510 D ‘Allrounder’. Just like our other machines the THW 3510 D stands out for maximum process reliability and consistency in production. Because this all-round machine produces extremely efficient, the THW 3510 D is both an energy saver and environmental friendly. If you aim to produce various thin walled foam cups, trays or other packaging products in premium quality, this machine is the best choice.


THW 3516 D

If you aim to produce large volumes of foam packaging products, you will be more than satisfied with the THW 3516 D. This versatile machine can hold up to 16 moulds, enabling you to produce various models in just one run. The THW 3516D is characterised by a maximum of reliability and flexibility, as well as high speed production. This machine requires little maintenance and can easily be connected to transport systems, as well as linked to the web.


THW 4016 D

Just like the THW 3516D this versatile machine is very well suited to produce large volumes of EPS- and other sorts of foam packaging products. The THW 4016 D can hold up to 16 moulds, which makes this high speed machine very suitable to produce various models of packaging products in just one run. Compared to the THW 3516 D this moulding machine has an even longer stroke, making it possible to produce tall cups up to 44 ounce.


THW 850-6

The THW 850-6 is an excellent choice if you aim to produce high quality thin walled foam packaging solutions. Due to its smart construction this versatile thin walled EPS production machine requires only little space. Moreover the THW 850-6 is maintenance friendly, easy to install and virtually indestructible.


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