Our moulding machines have been engineered to produce all kind of foam packaging products with a wall thickness varying from a minimum of 1 up to at least 10 mm. Thermoware moulding machines are universal.

That means that you can produce any type of foam product on one machine, just by using different moulds. Which machine fits best with your business, depends on different factors, like desired capacity and flexibility.

THW 2206

This moulding machine has been designed especially for high performance production with lowest energy consumption. It is equipped with an innovative mould bar locking system, so air consumption (hence, energy consumption) is minimized. Lastly, although lighter engineered, it still outperforms with regards to reliability and durability due to its rigid and robust construction. Based on specifications of use, this machine can be made suitable for the use of raw materials such as EPS, EPP, co-polymers, ETPU and various types of biofoams.


THW 3510

This versatile and robust moulding machine has never been beaten as the first original horizontal dry-moulding machine in the market. The THW 3510 works with moulds for a wide range of applications in various industries. For example: it can hold up to 10 cup moulds, but can also be equipped with various moulds for containers, dishes, plates, trays and other small parts. The desired moulds are developed by our experts and produced in our own factory.


THW 3516

This versatile and robust machine is the one and only dry moulding machine in the market in which reliability and production speed are combined. It achieves major production volumes with minimal rejects, lowest maintenance costs, little down time and low energy consumption, resulting in the lowest possible production costs. This machine is available in a long stroke version for the manufacturing of larger items: THW 4016.


THW 4016

Just like the THW 3516 this versatile machine is very well suited to produce large volumes. The THW 4016 can hold up to 16 moulds, which makes this high speed machine very suitable to produce various models of packaging products in just one run. Compared to the THW 3516 this moulding machine has an even longer stroke, making it possible to produce tall cups up to 44 ounce.


THW 850

This vertical thin-wall foam cup moulding machine offers a space-saving design for the production of cups. It is a reliable, fast and low maintenance machine where large side doors provide easy access to the mould area. Like all Thermoware machines it is operated and monitored via a user-friendly PLC and a touch screen. The steam and cooling systems have been optimized to shorten the cycle time and to minimize the steam and cooling water consumption.


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