Food- and beverage industry

Companies all over the world use Thermoware machines to produce a wide range of thin walled products of EPS and other selected sorts of foam. Both manufacturers of thin walled products, as well as end users like coffee chains, fast food chains and other retail- and out-of-home formulas, rely on Thermoware machines in order to produce cups, bowls, containers, trays, lids, plates and other thin walled products. Coffee cups, soup and noodle bowls, ice-, chicken and fish baskets, as well as meal boxes belong to the most produced end products.

Pharmaceutical and medical industry

Although most of our customers are active in the food- and beverage industry, more and more other lines of business discover the advantages of producing thin walled foam products with our machines. For instance pharmaceutical and medical companies rely on thin walled transport boxes more and more, to store and transport pharmaceutical drugs and medicines.

Delicate products

Temperature and relative humidity of medicines, and other essential medical products, are well manageable by smart thin walled foam boxes. In this way foam boxes perfectly fit in the cold chain. Delicate products, like for instance test tubes, can be transported in thin walled trays. The automotive industry has shown great interest in our machines as well in order to produce EPS solutions to improve the security of vehicles, as well as lightweight foam solutions for packaging or transporting other consumer or industrial products.

More information?

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